Bikinis Deflected From Indonesian Airspace

Vietnam-based Vietjet is no ordinary airline. It has carved out consumer awareness of its brand by featuring bikini-clad flight attendants. The gimmick has worked for its female founder; Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao became a billionaire after the airline’s initial public offering in February. But minimalist uniforms are not export-friendly, at least to the Islamic world. … Continue reading Bikinis Deflected From Indonesian Airspace

Pakistan Lures Bargain Hunters

Currency-depreciation rumors are playing out in Pakistan, with the rupee tumbling over 3.0% in mid-week trading. The realignment is provoked, at least fundamentally, by a deteriorating external account. But it is exacerbated by faltering confidence in the government. Prime Minister Sharif is under investigation for money-laundering allegations. There is good news behind the veil of … Continue reading Pakistan Lures Bargain Hunters

Saudi Sukuk Delay Signals Investor Unease

Institutional names worldwide appear to be resisting an anticipated mega-sukuk to be offered by Saudi Arabia. If successful, the $10 billion sale would be the largest-ever, dollar-denominated Islamic bond offering. The problem is a complex hybrid structure, more commonly understood in Bahrain or Kuala Lumpur, than London or New York. The Kingdom wants to see … Continue reading Saudi Sukuk Delay Signals Investor Unease

Halal Tourism Gains From American Exclusionism

Cash-laden Muslim travelers are thinking twice about where they spend their discretionary income. Although US judicial authorities have affirmed a block on the executive order that banned arrivals from selected Muslim nations, the damage to the US hospitality sector may already be done. The lure of new-era tourism centers, like Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, can … Continue reading Halal Tourism Gains From American Exclusionism

Halal Pension Funds Transform Muslim World

Policymakers across the Islamic crescent are boosting their local asset-management industries by developing Shariah-compliant retirement plans. While still nascent, the trend reflects the growing size of faith-based financial planning in increasingly-prosperous Muslim societies. Malaysia is cited as a leader in the field, but that view may belie awareness in other nations, including Pakistan and Turkey. … Continue reading Halal Pension Funds Transform Muslim World