Red lanterns acknowledge the Chinese festive season

Does the ‘Year of the Pig’ Tread on Muslims?

China and its diaspora are abuzz this month with festivities tied to the Lunar New Year, celebrating the last animal in the zodiac, the pig. And while that may not spark much controversy in many countries, it does at least raise an eyebrow acroww the Islamic world. Swine are identified as “haram” or “forbidden” in … Continue reading Does the ‘Year of the Pig’ Tread on Muslims?


Muslims Mourn Gold Price

A major announcement in Islamic finance has been sidelined by a sharp turn in market conditions. Guidelines by industry regulators now define gold-use standards for Shariah-compliant banks and asset managers. The news may lead to broad-based recalibration of the gold market; China and India traditionally exert a dominant influence. But that notion is on hold, … Continue reading Muslims Mourn Gold Price